Finding Your Fitness Flow In The New Normal

As all of us cope with the new normal of having our homes be our world, and as the closure of gyms & parks takes a toll on our workouts, we have to find new ways to embrace fitness. Since it’s more important than ever to find your centre, regulate your mental health, and have your body at peace, here’s how you can make it happen right from your living room or your backyard –

1 MEDITATION – A practice of focusing your mind on your breathing, meditation helps one find an inner balance. With the rise of extreme tension and anxiety in our minds, people have found corners in their homes where they can sit in a comfortable posture and close their eyes to relax. Meditation induces mindfulness and helps regulate your heart rate and blood pressure. This simple exercise will calm your nerves when you can’t find the time to indulge in strenuous workouts.

2. YOGA – Paired with meditation, yoga involves very specific movements of the body that are held for a short period of time, called asanas. While advanced yoga can have stretches and poses that shouldn’t be practiced unless supervised, simple yoga poses can be performed by a majority of people with minimal effort. By placing a yoga mat in your garden or in a spot by the window in your living room, you can find short yoga routines to begin your morning and gear up for the day.

3. SHORT WORKOUT SESSIONS – Youtube is not only a source of entertainment but also holds a dearth of tutorials for at-home workouts. While 5-minute miracle workouts have gotten popular, so have HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and follow along bed workouts you can do as soon as you wake up. These give results and a feeling of having worked up a sweat, in a very short amount of time. People have incorporated these in their work-from-home breaks and busy daily routines because they’re easy, quick, and effective!

4. HEALTHY AT-HOME MEALS – While everyone was experimenting with fancy desserts and recreating restaurant gourmet meals in their kitchens, a new trend emerged of making healthy snacks to counter all the lockdown binge. DIY smoothies, snacks, and platters that are healthy and come with a host of benefits have been trending all across social media. This has given people an easy way of experimenting with yummy foods that will boost their fitness journeys.

5. RUNS – As things have started opening up around us, the experience of going out and taking in a satisfying breath of fresh air was long missed. With runs in the nearby parks, people found a way to escape the enclosures of their homes to have a sense of refreshing freedom. As runs make for great cardio, are quick and effective, and lead to a huge release of feel-good hormones, they have become a favourite regime during and post the lockdown period.

Have you found your flow in the pandemic yet?

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